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02 February 2011 @ 09:50 pm
girugamesh_blog  will be on a mini-hiatus from February  2-March 2, 2011.

I know it's technically been on hiatus for a while but I have to be honest and say that real life is a bit too hectic at the moment and since rewiredbirth is pretty tied up as well, it's come down to this.

Also to be completely honest, I almost feel like the blogs aren't being read as much. Which is understandable since even I barely have time to read the original blogs myself these days. Real life is a bitch. :<

But don't worry! I promise I will translate all the entries from the Europe tour! 
Just gotta get some sleep and energy back. Read: get through February. :3

Anyway, I've been doing this for 3 years now so I have no intention of quitting but I feel like in the future I may only translate particularly lulzy or moving entries. I just don't have the free-time to keep up with them on a daily basis anymore.

But I do love doing interviews! What would you guys say to me doing more of those as opposed to daily blogs? 
To be honest I feel like it shows a lot more than the blogs do sometimes. :3

Anyway, as always thank you so much for sticking with us for the past 3+ years.
See you again in March!  ♥